What Is BLAST?


BLAST stands for: "Bible Learning and Spiritual Training." 

At Allegheny Valley Baptist Church the spiritual strength of the children God graciously entrusts us with is a chief objective. 

Nourishing youngsters with the impactful truth of Scripture in a loving environment and guiding them as they hide God's Word in their own hearts through a rigorous memorization program is a responsibility in which we delight. 

Every child enjoys structured time with their peers and teachers, an applicable lesson straight from Scripture, and a meal to conclude each night of BLAST.

Who's it for?

Generally, any child between the ages of 4-12 comprise the program.

Where & When?

BLAST meets at Allegheny Valley Baptist Church each Wednesday during the school year beginning at 7pm. Students are encouraged to bring their Bible, handbook, and wear their BLAST t-shirt.

BLAST Signup